Forget Pumpkin Spice, Here are 10 Other Fall Flavors to Put in Your Latte


What most people fail to realize about the pumpkin spice craze is this: most pumpkin spice flavored things don’t even involve real pumpkin.

Food companies have found the perfect elixir of synthetically made flavors to invoke that cozy flavor of fall, and they do it well. Pumpkin spice makes its way into everything from Oreos to waffles, but if there’s one item that seems to be the leader of the craze, it’s the pumpkin spice latte.

And who wouldn’t want a caffeinated drink that tastes seasonal? The reality is that your average coffee shop pumpkin spice latte isn’t so good for you, what with all the additives, sugar and calories involved.

Still craving a hot autumn drink? There are plenty of seasonal lattes you could be making at home. Here are 10 ideas for fun seasonal latte drinks

1. Actual pumpkin

While the corporate world is busy making pumpkin spice lattes with no real pumpkin in it, that doesn’t mean you have to. Buy a pumpkin, bake it, make a syrup and you’ll be on your way to homemade pumpkin spice latte bliss.

2. Cinnamon

One of the main spices in an actual pumpkin pie, making a cinnamon syrup and adding to a latte gives your drink that extra spicy kick.

3. Maple syrup

A maple flavored latte will have you feeling like you’re in a forest of maple trees.

4. Cardamom

If cinnamon is a bit too average for you, then a cardamom latte may do the trick. How about a coconut cardamom spiced latte?

5. Ginger

We’re not quite into gingerbread season yet, but a gingerbread latte, made with fresh ginger, is easy to make at home.

6. Apple cider

Sure, it sounds like a bit of an odd combo, but a dash of apple cider in coffee gives you the sensation that you’re drinking an apple pie.

7. Butternut squash

Oh hey now, squash in a latte? It’s not weird when it’s pumpkin, now is it? Butternut puree and butterscotch come together for this autumn latte that’s certainly a bit out of the ordinary.

8. Rum

Spike that latte my friends.

9. Sweet potato

This Korean recipe actually doesn’t involve coffee, but it’s warm, creamy and full of seasonal flavor.

10. Salted caramel

Make your own salted caramel and serve up a caramel latte to all your friends, then let the caffeine and sugar kick in.

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