From ‘Buffy’ to ‘The X Files’: 6 ’90s TV Shows to Revisit

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While I was born in the 1980s, I did a lot of my growin’ in the 1990s. And any growing teenager needs a good dose of television to get them through puberty, high school and unrequited love. Let this list of streaming ’90s TV shows take you back to the decade of, “whatever, man.”

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1. “Dawson’s Creek”: If you’re a soap opera addict as an adult, you can blame “Dawson’s Creek” for that. It was pretty much a nighttime soap on training wheels for the pre-teens and teens. The series follows a group of friends as they navigate young adult life.

2. “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”: This is one of the few ’90s TV shows I watch every year. (Buffy heads unite!) The one thing harder than being a normal high school student is being a high school student who has to save the world. Get to know the amazing Buffy Summers, aka the Slayer, as she tries to live life while fighting vampires, demons and goblins. All seasons streaming for free with a Netflix subscription.

Streaming on Hulu

3. “The X-Files”: Skeptic Scully and believer Mulder make this cheesy, sci-fi classic a pleasure to watch. (Truth be told: I revisited this show while writing this list.) Watch as the two investigators handle crimes that cover the spectrum of spooky stuff. Streaming on Hulu plus (free with a subscription) and nine seasons streaming for free with a Netflix subscription.

4. “My So Called Life“: While, yes, adolescence is unfair (as this television show proves) it’s also unfair that this show was canceled so soon. Watch as Angela Chase tries to be a normal 15-year-old teen, which as we all know is impossible — none of us are normal.

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5. “Home Improvement“: While I mainly watched this show to swoon over Jonathan Taylor Thomas, I also liked it because it was funny and just plain easy to watch. There was never too much drama, and you could always count on Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor to do something crazy. Oh. Tim. Watch the first season for $1.99 an episode.

Streaming on Vudu

6. “Friends“: We all thought adulthood was going to be like this, right? Well, even though we all now know the truth, it’s still fun to revisit the cast of friends and watch them as they live, love and say quippy lines. Pay $19.99 for the entire first season.

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