Garden Variety

Garden gear to kick-start spring.

It’s time to don your gardening gloves and mingle among the ravishes of plucking, pulling, weeding, fertilizing, and planting- Are you ready for it? If not, here’s a gathering of garden muses to inspire your green thumb including a fair trade hat with a wide brim to shadow those lofty rays of sunshine, a journal to document your efforts and celebrate your blooms, a watering can with the perfect patina, chalkboard garden labels for whimsical nomenclature, and a concrete magnolia to embellish your plot.

Clockwise from top left:

1. Crochet Wide Brim Natural – Pachacuti, £43
2. My Garden: A Five-Year Journal – Anthropologie, $19.95
3. Verdigris Watering Can – Terrain, $16
4. Blackboard Garden Labels – Terrain, $14
5. Concrete Magnolia – Terrain, $36

Bring a bit of the garden inside with a beautiful beetle print, the scent of fresh basil masquerading as a soy candle, and the charm of Stephen Orr to enhance your skills and impart wisdom about responsible and aesthetic organic gardening.

Clockwise from top left:

1. Chalcosoma Atlas Print – Hagedornhagen, $48
2. Basil Scented Soy Candle – Mrs. Meyer’s, $9.99
3. Tomorrow’s Garden by Stephen Orr, $22.88

If you’d rather start growing fresh herbs indoors, click here for the ingredients to make that happen.