Gargantuan Groceries Starting to Shrink?


Personally, I prefer my grocery stores boutique style. I like a smaller store stocked with high-quality items. I don’t need 20 varieties of ketchup to choose from – just give me a few organic choices, thanks.

Many grocery stores are beginning to follow this trend. Safeway, Whole Foods and even Wal-Mart are opening smaller stores to satisfy customers that don’t want to wander the aisles of a gigantic warehouse looking for that one little snack. Sometimes you just want to grab something and get out the door.

Maybe this trend will slowly take us back to a more community-minded shopping experience? I always loved getting groceries at the miniscule Mana Foods when I lived on Maui. They carry a plethora of healthy foods, tropical fruits and even have a deli and a bulk section – but the tiny aisles ensure you’ll run into friends and exchange a few hugs before you head out the door with your canvas bags. Aloha!

Image: Jo Jakeman