Geena Davis is a Total Badass: Video Proof That Women Over 50 Are Awesome

geena davis archery

It’s a weird thing to admit, but I bought my current home because it reminded me of Geena Davis’s New England Victorian home (where she lives in purgatory, and haunts the Deetz’s) from Beetlejuice, one of my Top Ten movies of all time (hey, I love dark comedies). She took a part that could have been totally silly-stupid in less-capable hands, and made a complex, relatable character for the ages, starring across from a very young-looking Alec Baldwin. And let’s not even get into how great she was in Thelma & Louise. 

Of course, Geena Davis is way more than just one character she has played, and even more than just her career as an actress; this Mensa member was also a finalist for the Olympic archery team, speaks Swedish and has always stood tall in her 6′ frame. Check out her still-amazing arrow-shooting skills and general badassery in the funny video below, where she shoots down the common, crummy attitudes about women’s aging. 

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