Geometric Fashion Jungle: 7 Ways to Wear It On Trend

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We know it’s back-to-school—but even if you aren’t in geometry class, this subject is everywhere! Hard angles, 3-D prints and slick edges are what the lines in the geometric fashion trend are all about. (Want more? Think rectangles, rhombuses and triangles, oh my.) Here’s a roundup of our favorite geometric styles from—of course—sustainable and ethical fashion brands. 


1. Caged Peony Knit Sweater by Ginger and Smart

The Australian sister duo that is Ginger and Smart was one of the first brands to be accredited by Ethical Clothing Australia. Always made from the finest materials in first rate manufacturing facilities, these clothes are smart beyond their brainy designs.

Ginger and Smart, $277


2. Kiki Clutch by The Sway

Made from leather scrap pieces reclaimed from a motorcycle accessory factory in Pakistan, The Sway’s geometric fashion clutch is edgy and ethical. The inside bag’s lining is their signature boomerang print, an ode to their respect for aborigine cultures—and it’s printed on recycled cotton. With each purchase, The Sway provides a complimentary recycled tote bag and protective leather pouch so you can keep it safe and make it last when not in use.

The Sway, $176


3. Wide Mouth Frog Terrarium by Meg Myers

This terrarium is beautiful in and of itself; when you add your plants and mosses it will liven up any space. Made in Sacramento, California from reclaimed single-pane window glass, this is one upcycled product we can’t get enough of.

Moorea Seal, $105


4. Tilapia Atomic Mini Box Bag by Angel Jackson

This bag is a delicacy. Made with Tilapia fish leather, one of the most sustainable and high-grade alternatives to exotic reptile skins, the skin is a by-product of the farmed-fish industry. Plus, Angel Jackson owns their own factory in Bali where all production takes place. They are dedicated to high fashion—high-quality craftsmanship,  high wages for their workers and high-quality bags.

Angel Jackson, $435


5. Embroidered Mirage Skirt by Valentine Gauthier

The natural and organic fibers of this skirt are sourced in the same country as the garment is produced to minimize environmental impact of this geometric fashion (!) skirt.  Manufacturing occurs in collaboration with local NGOs and fair profits are given back to the community to support the development of their craft.  The excellently angular print and thoughtful production is most certainly on trend.

Ethica, $212


6. Brass Double V Bracelet by K/ller Collection

Made from hand-cast brass (say that five times fast) in their Brooklyn studios, K/ller Collection produces some truly killer jewelry. Worn by rock stars and fashionistas, the Indy label’s jewelry is minimal with just the right touch of edgy spirit. We love the simple symmetry of this geometric bracelet.

K/ller Collection, $316

ALAS_Island Teddy

7. Island Teddy by ALAS

ALAS, a sustainable sleepwear company from Australia, is dedicated to constantly improving their ecological impact and making beautiful garments inside and out.  All their clothing is made in India where the cotton (either GOTS- or Fair Trade-Certified) is also grown, spun, woven and dyed.  You’ll sleep well knowing such love went into your nightwear.

ALAS, $89.95

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Images courtesy the brands, main collage image by Juliette Donatelli.

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Juliette Donatelli

Working in the field of sustainability for over seven years, Juliette is passionate about its intersection within the fashion industry. Juliette began studying ecological conservation, and led consumer awareness campaigns around the world from water usage in southern California, riparian restoration in South Africa, food distribution in Paris and bison habitat in the Great Plains. She has launched her passion--consumerism and sustainability--into a place where it hits home--fashion. Juliette is the founder and editor-in-chief of, Director of Sustainability at Manufacture NY, and loves to read, dance, swim and enjoy the occasional glass of champagne.