Get Outta Your Car and Into the Outdoors


Take Your Trips Outside the Car

I’m starting to think there really is no place like home. In his wonderful book, The Circumference of Home, Kurt Hoelting takes one year off planes, trains and automobiles in order to act on behalf of the planet, curbing his travel emissions and roaming-by foot, bike and kayak-his native turf. He writes: “The more I explore my home ground, the more it comes alive, and I have to put to rest the illusion that I am limiting myself by doing so. Everything we need to be happy really is near at hand.”

With that in mind, we at YDT have been thinking about how to stick close to home in eco-style this summer. Or, if we do trek farther, how to ditch the car once we’re in that new place, to wander without four wheels.

Here’s some inspiration:

Embody summer at home

At Make Grow Gather, Kelly Wilkinson has a “Lazy Summer Project” and attendant to do list. She doesn’t want to miss eating a ripe peach or star gazing this time around. She’s also featuring one post a week from someone describing their perfect summer day. With two so far, there is no mention of far-flung travels or automotives – more like homemade lemonade, hammocks and a morning spent reading in an NYC park (via new urban habitat).

Take a hike, don’t take the car

Escape Hatch at Readymade has clever resources for getting to hiking trails from a few major cities, without driving! Car-free Hiking feels like the perfect solution for enjoying the great outdoors and not smogging them up on your way there. If you’re in L.A. or otherwise not on the list, check metro or Google Maps’ transit option. And TrailLink might help you find a new knoll to trek.

For more car free travel options, check out the full-length article at Your Daily Thread.

Editor’s note: Article by Danielle Davis. Originally published by our friends at Your Daily Thread. Your Daily Thread has simple, everyday updates on living a green, active lifestyle. Be sure to visit them and say hi, and follow Your Daily Thread on Twitter, too!

Image: mikebaird