Get Your Green Face On: Best Eco-Moisturizers for Winter


If you live in a place where water likes to go icy, your skin is probably suffering.  Trust me, I know your pain.  You feel like you’re going to fall into a snow drift, freeze for the next thousand years, and wake up to alien scientists commenting on just how dry your face is.  But worry no more!  Whether your winter involves wind chill or lows in the 50s, we have the moisturizer for you.  So treat your face to our review of these great, green moisturizers.

PhotobucketMandarin Maximum Moisture by John Masters Organics

This fragrant, concentrated moisturizer is, in a word, outstanding.  (Did I say outstanding?  I meant amazing.)  It absorbs quickly and doesn’t leave you with the greased-out feeling that you could cook bacon on your forehead.  It also contains glycoproteins which “stimulate cell growth for long-term reversal of damage.”  (Take that, sunspots!)  And you can rest easy with John Masters Organics exacting standards.  It contains strictly organic botanical ingredients. And no artificial products are ever used.

PhotobucketNutrient Moisturizer by Juice Beauty

This product from Juice Beauty is excellent if you want deep, rich moisturizing results.  It has a sort of neutral scent – the kind of smell that makes you think there’s something powerful and vitamin-y in the mixture.  For dry, sensitive, or mature skin, this moisture contains replenishing organic grape juice, vitamin-rich carrot juice and essential fatty-acids.

PhotobucketInfuse Nourishing Multi-Vitamin Moisturizer by Pure and True

This was the most intense of the moisturizers that I sampled.  In fact, if you’re suffering from razor cheeks (a loving term for when you get those winter dry patches), this is the moisturizer for you. I just traveled back east to 20-degree weather and got razor cheeks in what felt like a matter of minutes.  (It was more like two days.)  One application of this intense moisturizer cleared it right up.  This product is free of artificial color, fragrances, parabens, petroleum products and toxic synthetics.

PhotobucketGreen Apple Antioxidant Moisturizer by Juice Beauty

This moisturizer lives up to its green apple moniker by being amazingly fruity and sweet-smelling.  If you are into natural fragrances, then this is the product for you.  It is very creamy – use it sparingly, because a little goes a long way.  It contains antioxidant-rich organic apple and grape juices.  And it combines these organic nutrients with enzymes to even your complexion.

Katherine Butler

Katherine Butler is the Beauty Editor of EcoSalon and currently resides in Los Angeles, California.