Get Carried Away with Green


Computers are no longer the roaring behemoths that required their own special room and strained the local grid. They’re getting quieter and more efficient all the time. And the ever-convenient laptop is the greenest option yet (even if it isn’t clad in bamboo or corn).

Laptops use between one-third and three-fifths of the power of their equivalent desktop models, according to the University of Pennsylvania.

And the innovation continues: displays using Organic Light Emitting Diodes are set to oust the power-munching Liquid Crystal Display screen. Overheating components may keep your lap warm but they represent wasted energy, so expect a cooler machine when you next purchase. The purr will be a whisper, too, as manufacturers are switching to solid “flash” memories. And in addition to being easy to carry and travel with, laptops are also in keeping with a feng shui approach to uncluttered living. Especially when they’re this small.

Green Greats:

– While Greenpeace and viral media campaigns like Green My Apple once condemned Apple for being an environmental offender, the EPA counters that the Apple Macbook Pro is the greenest laptop available, and the company has taken significant steps to eco up.

– In 2006, Wal-Mart voluntarily teamed up with Toshiba to offer green laptops. Look for the RoHS (Restriction on Hazardous Substance) certification label.

– The child-friendly XO is one of the most environmentally-friendly laptops around.

Ultra-sleek Zonbu is as green as it gets for slim pc notebooks.

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