Giving 2.0


Many years ago while traveling through Peru, I finally grasped how truly wealthy we are here in the United States.

Even the simple gear I took with me in my traveling backpack – a Walkman and a clip-on digital clock – were considered items of great luxury by the northern Peruvian villagers with whom I stayed. Their tiny home was made of ramshackle corrugated iron and their floor was nothing more than packed dirt.

We are hearing about economic difficulties here, but I can assure you that we are very well off indeed.

Fortunately, there are some new online programs that can help you help others in a focused and meaningful way with a simple click or two. Kiva provides micro-loans to help small businesses flourish and Global Giving lets you find international grassroots projects so you can choose exactly where you want your donation to go. With the new social nature of the web, you can see whom you’re helping and connect with an inspiring global movement on a personal level.

I realize how easy it is to spend $100 on a special meal or some treats for myself, but it’s even easier to bless someone else.

Image: Meanest Indian