Lustables: Fōnuts

In L.A., Fōnuts are replacing donuts.

Fōnuts have nothing to do with phones. Or nuts. Instead, these mostly vegan, gluten-free donut alternatives are shaking up Los Angelenos with their similarity to those lovely fried rings of dough we all know and love. But unlike regular donuts, Fōnuts are baked, transforming it from a once-in-a-while treat into something we can actually feel good about eating every morning.

Don’t go looking for a maple Long John, powdered or jelly-filled here. Owners Waylynn Lucas and Nancy Truman have created a menu rife with exotic flavors, including rosemary olive oil, rum and chorizo cheddar. Need some joe to wash it all down? Try the Fo-Shaken, Lucas and Truman’s take on iced coffee, a reportedly decadent combination of condensed milk, regular milk and multiple shots of espresso.

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Image: LadyDucayne