‘Gravity’ Director Alfonso Cuarón Is Yet Another Hollywood Vegetarian

Gravity alfonso cuaron

New movie ‘Gravity’ is burning up the box offices around the country. One story line you’re not likely to hear in the industry rags is how director Alfonso Cuarón gave up meat.

In Hollywood, actors aren’t the only ones opting for a vegetarian diet. Directors are beginning to see the importance of cruelty-free dining as well.

Alfonso Cuarón, director of the much anticipated movie “Gravity”, is a vegetarian. He joins “Avatar” director James Cameron, who went vegan a little over a year ago. No word yet on why the director chose to forgo meat or how long he’s been vegetarian, but we’d love to find out. Perhaps he and Cameron could meet at a Hollywood restaurant and discuss meat’s impact on animals and the environment. (We can dream.)

Cuarón’s past successes include the much lauded film “Children of Men”. Gravity was released on Oct. 4 in U.S. theaters.

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