10 (More!) Green Apps for Your iPhone


Phone apps are the order of the day, whether you’re rocking an iPhone, a palm pre or one of the many other new-gen smartphones on the market with their own open-source application stores. Though finding a car that isn’t a gas-guzzler is simple enough, what about eco-friendly phone apps? The iPhone is known globally for its massive App Store, and here are just 10 of the earth-loving examples to get you on your way.


Similar to greenMeter, MyMPG helps drivers maximize their fuel efficiency. It evaluates braking forces and acceleration, and even tracks statistics and improvements to your gas mileage over time. Best of all, it’s half the cost of greenMeter.

Green Lemur

Green Lemur is just like Get Green, both offering eco-friendly advice on how to lead your lifestyle sustainably. Check out the tip of the day or browse by a specific topic. It’s a cinch to navigate and costs nothing.


If your jaw drops upon opening your electrical bill, MeterRead is the app for you. It monitors your electric meter, enabling you to track your energy consumption and ultimately choose more efficient habits.

Gorgeously Green Survival Guide

This green app is all you’ll need to avoid the harmful chemicals in beauty products like makeup and sunscreen. Use it along with GoodGuide, which identifies eco-friendly household products, to protect you and yours from toxins.

Go Organic!

Comparable to iLocavore, Go Organic helps you find nearby organic grocery stores. Use it when you’re traveling in unfamiliar places to maintain your healthy, organic diet.

Greenpeace Tissue Guide

Our dependency on paper products like toilet paper and tissues is unavoidable, but the Greenpeace Tissue Guide is a great research tool. This app finds the safest brands that use recycled materials and avoid bleaches that contain toxic chlorine compounds.


Carticipate makes it easy to organize carpools with other environmentally concerned individuals in your area. Just punch in your departure time and destination and choose from a list of options.


Don’t know where to toss it? With iRecycle, you choose from over 100,000 recycling and disposal sites from coast to coast based on either your location or the item you are looking to recycle.

Green Card

Save paper by digitally sharing your business card with any of your iPhone contacts. If you change your address or phone number, Green Card automatically distributes the updated version to past recipients.


This app is sure to make coupon clipping a thing of the past. Yowza finds coupons for nearby retailers that you present digitally in an effort to save paper.

For more green iPhone apps, visit Grist.

Image: bredgur