Green Crush: Recycled Frame Magnet Board


Since I work from home, I have about a million and one little pieces of paper tacked to my bulletin board: inspirational quotes, photos of friends, birthday cards, ticket stubs, and reminders about my New Year’s resolutions. When I saw this patterned Cedar Record Frame Magnet Board ($7.50) on Etsy, I knew it would breathe new life into my office space.

In fact, I’d actually want to leave a little empty space for a change, and show off the vibrant purple pattern. This magnetic board also comes with five color-coordinated magnets in a handy little tin. (Bonus: you don’t have to poke holes in favorite snapshots or cards and it works with magnetic poetry!)

When I was finished writing this, I noticed that this playful piece of recycled art had sold out (bummer!) But I decided to blog about it anyway, because it seems like the kind of DIY project that even I could tackle in an afternoon. A scrap of fabric, galvanized metal, an old frame, plus a few magnets and an old tin. Who knows? Maybe Polarity (the Etsy seller) will make a few more! She also makes jewelry out of recycled auto parts.