Green Crush: Soji Solar Lanterns


“˜Tis the season to entertain outdoors, and if I had a patio of my own, I’d be all over these solar lanterns from Bambeco ($39) (like moths to a flame, if you will).

Not only are the included solar panels eco-friendly, but they also eliminate the need for hanging ugly – and potentially dangerous – electrical wires. They also come equipped with two high-powered Amber LED lights, a AAA rechargeable battery, and stainless steel hardware so you can hang them from trees or perhaps a porch roof. And the hard-formed plastic is sturdy enough to withstand the elements. Genius!

The Soji Modern lanterns turn themselves on at dusk, adding instant romance to an outdoor space. Whether illuminating a summertime fête or lighting the way for you to return home after an evening out, the lanterns radiate a warm golden glow and ooze modern style.

They’re available in three patterns (pure white, pearl motif, and mineral motif), so you could mix and match with different textures to add more visual interest or cluster together several of the same pattern to create a more unified look.

Do you decorate your patio or porch? How do you create an inviting, yet eco-friendly space?