Happy Green Halloween


Orange and black might be the traditional colors of Halloween but why can’t a little green fall into the mix? Here are a few simple tips to help make this weekend’s Halloween festivities a shade greener:

– When it comes time to make a jack-o-lantern, find a locally grown and organic pumpkin to carve.

– Make costumes from what you find around the house. Recycle clothes from years past or head to the nearest second hand store and rummage around. Try to convince the kids to trade costumes from last year with their friends.

– If the creative juices aren’t flowing (or your kids aren’t trading), rent a costume rather than buy. But if you’re set on something new, at least make sure it’s made using earth-friendly materials and fair trade practices.

– Use recyclable batteries in all the flashlights that venture out on a trick or treat expedition.

– Skip the plastic pumpkin buckets and collect the trick or treat sweets in a recyclable tote bag, or even an old pillowcase, appropriately decorated of course!

– Consider eco-friendly treats for the trick or treaters who arrive at your door. Instead of candy corn and snickers bars, why not hand out raisin boxes or organic honey sticks?

– Tell all the neighbours that your house is a Haunted “green” House. When they ask what you mean (and they will), direct them to the Green Halloween website which explains the whys and hows of making Halloween an environmentally friendly holiday.

Who knows? The whole neighborhood might dress up in green this year!
Image via pink.polka