Green Your Home with Help from the Sierra Club


These days, making your house energy efficient makes sense not only because it’s good for the environment, but also because it’s good for the household budget. But figuring  out what needs to be done, how to get it done, and working out the costs can be as daunting as trying to find your way out of a maze in the dark.

Luckily, the Sierra Club has taken the guesswork out of greening your home with their new interactive Green Home website. It’s the brainchild of Carl Pope, Sierra Club executive director, who discovered when trying to green his own home that access, information, and assistance weren’t all that easy to find.


As a result, Pope and his colleagues at the Sierra Club created a user-friendly web site that provides all the facts at your fingertips. With more than 100 sustainability-related articles by prominent green journalists available to read, and contact details for thousands of  authentically green product providers and services, this site is seriously resource rich.