Green Tea for Skin: Our Top Superfood Cosmetic Product Picks

Green Tea for Skin: 6 Superfood Cosmetic Product Picks

Green tea has long held reign in the superfood group. Are you getting your daily dose? Try upping the ante with natural products that include green tea for skin.

You’ve been told of green tea’s benefits for better health. Did you know there are ways to get in on the advantages aside from just drinking the stuff?

The hype over green tea is far from over. Look at how its latest incarnation, matcha, has taken over.

We know that green tea in the diet is a major boon to health. It is related to health benefits for everything from the heart and brain, to preventing Alzheimer’s disease. But this powerhouse is also good for skin.

Green tea is packed with natural antioxidants which help to ward off free radicals, working to prevent disease and sun damage. Its anti-inflammatory effects help to reduce puffiness and tone down irritation. These hallmarks make green tea beneficial to all skin types, including sensitive and mature.

Ready to bring it on? You may be wondering how to get your skin some green tea, pronto. Yes, you can brew and cool the tea, and spritz directly onto skin as a calming toner. Or you can stock up on some quality green tea-infused skincare and makeup products. Let’s take a look.

6 Products Containing Green Tea for Skin

6 Products Containing Green Tea for Skin  Dr. Alkaitis Organic Eye Crème

1. Let green tea’s soothing action take down puffiness and dark circles in Dr. Alkaitis Organic Eye Crème. Super potent but mild on delicate eye area.

Green Tea for Skin Tata Harper Lip Treatments

2. Get the green goodness in Tata Harper Lip Treatments. Each contains a healthy dose of the tea extract to protect against skin aging and environmental damage.

Green Tea for Skin W3LL People Purist Mineral Blush

3. Brush on the benefits daily with W3LL People Purist Mineral Blush. Also contains skin calming aloe and chamomile.

Green Tea for Skin YULI Halcyon Cleanser

4. Cleanse with green tea? Absolutely! YULI Halcyon Cleanser is pH balanced and clears the skin gently.

Green Tea for Skin  YULI Modern Alchemist

5. Treat skin post-cleanse to YULI Modern Alchemist, a powerful anti-aging oil combo. Works like prescription retinol creams without the harsh side effects.

Green Tea for Skin Qet Matcha Polish

6. Exfoliate, perfect, and protect skin at once with Qet Botanicals Matcha Green Tea Body Polish. Made with olive and coconut oils to keep skin soft and hydrated.

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