Green Consumers Impressed by Results, not Promises


The Greenwashers are scrambling.

That’s the conclusion reached by the State Of Green Business Report 2008 (pdf), produced by Greener World Media (edited by Joel Makower). The report surveyed the so-called greening up of the top corporations in the U.S. We have a long way to go, and despite progress in general, two situations have actually worsened – the state of electronic equipment waste and greenhouse gas emissions. Greenwashers are only serving to muddy the mess further.

The good news: while greenwashing is an epidemic, that default tactic of greenwashers everywhere – leafy green imagery – is not just losing its power, it’s making the eco-savvy public more skeptical of claims that a product is environmentally friendly.

We’re never been more immune to the hype, and we want to see more results. We’re not falling for a happy little leaf – we want the authentic story behind the product.

– via Wired

Image: AZAdam

Mike Sowden

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