Green Your USB Port


Where would you be without your USB?

These ports are used to power an array of gadgets and gizmos.

The USBCELL company’s mission to provide ever-eco-friendlier energy solutions has been bolstered by its line of USB rechargeable batteries. Batteries have been slow to achieve a greener status, giving their disposable nature and a lack of options for recycling. With an estimated 15 billion batteries needlessly discarded each year, the problem looms large.

The solution? Recharge!

USB ports are omnipresent and easily-accessible in our home and work lives, and USBCELL wants to exploit them to conveniently recharge batteries. For those of us eco-tech-fashionistas, the gadgets are now available in an ultra-pretty pastel series, with models capable of recharging basic alkaline batteries, and a host of cell phone and pda-device batteries.

Enjoy your greener, prettier USB ports!