Handpicked: Greige & My Sparrow


Each week here on EcoSalon, I beg my favorite bloggers and designers to hand select a beloved green product, whether it’s a finish, furnishing, or accessory. The end result? An endless anthology of aesthetically perfect products for your perusal.

This week we are graced with the presence of Christina Fluegge, author of Greige and My Sparrow – two equally delicious blogs. Christina is an interior designer and creative director of My Sparrow, a home decor and lifestyle shop brimming with green products and “stylish responsibility.” Christina’s current lust is Amery Carriere’s jewelry, “Fantastic…each piece is so simple and wonderful.” Each sterling silver curiosity is made by hand in California and available in a variety of metals for gorgeous combinations, starting at around $70 each from My Sparrow.

And just for the sake of amusement, here’s a product from My Sparrow that I am coveting. These Workshop Cage Lamps are on my non-negotiable wish list (and for $130, I might need two).


Interested in sharing your obsession? Leave a comment and I’ll contact you.