Handpicked: Kim Derby


Each week here at EcoSalon, I ask my favorite bloggers and designers to hand select a beloved green product, whether it’s a finish, furnishing, or accessory. The end result? An endless anthology of aesthetically perfect products for your viewing pleasure.

This week I am honored to host Kim Derby. Does Ms. Derby’s name sound familiar? It should, dear reader. Kim was previously an editor at EcoSalon, and now we are graced with her words once again (check out her past posts and clever conversations). Kim has an immense talent for molding her keen wit and discernible style into amusing and informative articles.

Kim has handpicked a collection of charming little pieces of artwork.

“They’re quaint, clever and petite. I’m a big fan of ‘less is more’ and clear the clutter, but in my opinion there’s rarely too much art,” says Kim.

I agree completely. Deana Bracken, the director of Green With Glamour, designed this vivid and vintage artwork. From left to right: Black Cat Wallpaper Silhouette ($55), Scottie Wallpaper Silhouette ($45), and Boxer Fabric Silhouette ($65).

Come back tomorrow for Kim’s inaugural re-introduction post. Welcome (back) Kim!