Eat, Pray and Love in Harem Pants

-It’s a funky time in fashion right now. While the stores and fat September issues would have us believe there are autumnal leaves falling about our feet, the reality is we’ve got some sunshine to go before buying fall clothes make any sense. If happiness is wanting what you already have, then surely misery is wanting a wardrobe entirely new. What’s a fashion-loving gal who craves a bit of next-season style to do?

I say, make like Liz Gilbert and take your wardrobe on a journey of re-evaluation. By adding one item, harem pants – the trousers of the season – you can update your existing pieces and create looks that are perfect to eat, pray and love in.

This latest trouser trend first showed up on Alexander Wang’s spring 2009 catwalk in the form of cuffed and cropped, grey marl sweatpants. And while I can hear your collective shriek of horror from all the way out here in San Francisco, the harem pants, and their many sisters that include the carrot leg, draped and drop crotch, are the fashion equivalent of sweatpants. Except, crucially, they’re much, much sexier. As Ms. Gilbert would agree, taking a fashion risk means sometimes traveling outside your comfort zone. This throw-caution-to-the-wind silhouette is roomy, free-spirited and exotic.

Now I’ve stopped you from rushing into a rebound romance with a whole new set of clothes – that will predictably end up looking just like your old things – here are some tips to ensure your fashion evolution is one women everywhere end up relating to, over, say, Mr. Ali Baba.

Eat. After seasons of skinny pants you finally have a bit more room for the carbs you left behind. Harem pants are incredibly comfortable, but don’t get too comfortable. Keep the waist defined and whatever you wear on top fitting snugly. Same goes with the luggage, a small neat purse works best.

Pray. It’s a truly tricky look to attempt, one that has serious potential for sending you into a corner praying that you hadn’t. Meditate on the oneness of this fashion affirmation, no further style statements necessary. Try neutral colors, no glitz and minimal jewelry only.

Love. If  you decide that celibacy isn’t much of an option after all, it’s essential to opt for a not too-low crotch in these pants. Even the word saggy, is decidedly unsexy – don’t you think? To keep that sexy up you might wear high heels with this look, unless of course like Ms. Gilbert, you know that in fashion, like life, rules are there to be broken!

Rowena Ritchie

Rowena is EcoSalon’s West Coast Fashion Editor and currently resides in San Francisco, CA.