Hartfelt and Fancy Free: Eco-Friendly Felt Cushions

grey-and-cream-headphone-cushion 3

For the record, in the US we call them pillows. Not that there’s anything wrong with cushions.

In fact, call them whatever you like. If they’re soft and cozy you have my attention; make them from 100% post-consumer recycled plastic bottles (eco-fi felt), in cool and colorful designs and I’m sold.

These modern, graphic cushions, created by UK-based Annie Hart of Hartfelt Design, are anything but ordinary. The soft texture of the eco-fi felt makes them the perfect throw pillow.


Hart’s commitment to sourcing all things eco is impressive, as well. She uses 100% recycled fibre filling in her cushions; even her labels are recycled or organic. Read more about her green business practices on her website.

She fell into her cushion-making career, but it’s obvious she’s onto something hip and hot.

Choose from any of her designs, like this adorable Dorothy Red Shoes cushion, or contact her directly for custom orders.

via Josh Spear