Haute Diggity Date: Natural Granola Bar Review

18 Rabbits Organic Granola Bars

“Real Food” products are gradually taking up shelf space as more people are looking for alternatives to synthesized food products with lists of unrecognizable and unpronounceable ingredients. Hallelujah!

Amongst these new products are all natural granola bars made by 18 Rabbits. I’d never seen hide nor tail of these bars until a friend handed me one after a great day of spring skiing in Tahoe. Maybe it was the pure mountain air or the exhilarating day of snowboarding, but I found this granola bar to be extremely good. This delectable chewy treat delightfully named “Haute Diggity Date” has lots of flavor while delivering amazingly wholesome satisfaction.

18 Rabbits originates in San Francisco, and the bars are made from all natural, organic ingredients.  The company’s thorough, stylish and easily navigable website tells their story and they provide not only the ingredients for all their products, but also the farms from whence the various nuts and berries came. Regular granola and granola bars of different flavors are available at selected groceries including Whole Foods and from their online shop.