Heart Day Every Day


It sounds so trite, but the more I’ve learned to love myself, the greater my capacity is to open my heart to others. One way I practice strengthening my self-love muscle is through self-care, which includes buying myself lingerie rather than waiting for someone to buy it for me.

There’s something special about treating myself to a sexy, skimpy outfit. It feels good, just because. It’s satisfying in a simple way and doesn’t involve trying to satisfy someone else.

Don’t get me wrong – I’m big on satisfying sex and lots of it, but who could resist a little sexy for the self? And who could resist this Organic Cotton Bralette and Bloomers ($54 – pieces sold separately) from ClareBare’s shop on Etsy?

Seriously sweet and best of all, 100% eco-friendly. Both pieces are made of organic cotton purchased from “a small, sustainable farm in Texas, as well as Clare’s collection of vintage fabric and trimmings”. She makes everything by hand and “thinks of underwear more as an accessory than an undergarment – it makes dressing yourself a lot more fun.”

Find this outfit and other adorable items – just in time for Heart Day – at ClareBare.