heARTbeat: David Hanauer’s Worldwide Carpets Reference Google Maps

Looking from above for the earth underneath you.

Sometimes if it’s out of context, an aerial view can be disorienting. Perhaps because of this, aerial images can also intrigue and seduce. David Hanauer counts on this visual play as our senses veer towards the gorgeous patterns created by his designs for Worldwide Carpets.

Hanauer, a German design student, has set about creating contemporary Persian rugs by bringing the ancient tradition up-to-date. Utilizing screen shots from Google Earth, Hanauer grounds landscapes onto the floor, and into our consciousness from a fresh perspective. By developing symmetry with a central point, we experience Persian patterns as we have never seen them before.

Hanauer was trained as a tailor, and worked for fashion house Escada before discovering his love of design. His works, some sold by New York’s Museum of Modern Art, turn our perceptions back on ourselves.

Aiming to create new functions with not-so-new forms, Hanauer’s conceptual ideas resonate as his abilities with new applications invite us to look down from above for what we experience on the ground.

For more on Hanauer’s design process and inspiration check out this video done during preparation for the International Design Festival in Berlin.

Inspired by a post on dangerousminds.net, images via David Hanauer

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Dominique Pacheco

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