Hi-tech High Heels


Last weekend I attended a tea party with friends (yes, you read that correctly) and we got to talking about eco-friendly fashions. One of my friends was complaining that there aren’t enough stylish eco-shoes out there. Clearly my pal hasn’t been reading the right sources (ahem) because I’ve turned you all on to many a designer and pair to adorn your little green feet:

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My latest favorite is Terra Plana’s new addition to its line of long-lasting, sustainable shoes. The Ursa not only has this season’s essential cut-out design, but it also features a “high performance” modular heel. This construction helps keep the shoes lightweight and flexible, which in turn, keeps your feet happy and ready to go that extra mile. The company boldly states that they’ve created the most comfortable high heels you’ll ever wear. If their claim proves true, they’ve sold me for life! ($175)

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