High Definition: Eco Sexy Makeup with Author Stefanie Iris Weiss

ColumnNothing’s steamier than an eco sex writer channeling Brigitte Bardot’s makeup.

In the steamy, hot month of August I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Stefanie Iris Weiss, the author of Eco-Sex for the filming of a French documentary on American sex. Friends only through our interwoven virtual connections on Facebook, I’d never communicated with her until days before she stepped foot into my apartment to have her face made up in an early 70’s Bardot inspired look she so desperately desired. Stefanie, by the way, is pretty much a sex bomb in the womanliest sense with her full hips, incredible cleavage, and cascading blond hair.

An hour later, sprawled out on a red and white checkered blanket on the grass in Central Park, Stefanie looked perfectly poised and ready for a romantic encounter with a semi-traditional picnic basket containing a bottle of organic wine and of course, some snacks deemed to be aphrodisiacs. Suddenly Stefanie started whipping out condoms, lubricants and vibrators discussing their particular “eco-friendliness,” and me, with an unconscious nodding of my head started taking notes.

Maybe it was when she began extolling the wonders of using coconut oil as a lubricant that I felt a little more in my own groove since I work with the oil in many different ways and it’s not as foreign to me as perhaps vibrator talk. One thing we are on common ground with though is that makeup adds to a woman’s overall sexy factor.

When I asked Stefanie why she thinks makeup enhances a woman’s sexiness, she answered:

“Makeup gives us the ability to enhance our natural beauty and play up our assets, which is the way I like to wear it during the day. It brings confidence, boldness, and reminds you of the kind of power you have. It allows you to walk into any given room like you own it. At the same time, when you have a shoot, an event, or just a hot date, you can wear makeup the way you’d play dress-up as a little girl. It can be a game, a ritual, a way of starting foreplay before you’ve even got anyone else in the room with you. I always say that sex begins with our relationship to our own bodies, the moment we wake up in the morning and look in the mirror. And when you begin to dress your face, the real fun starts.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself. So, I will leave it at that.

Products used for the eco-sexy Bardot inspired look:

Jane Iredale Circle Delete Concealer #2


ZuZu Luxe Mineral Bronzer

ZuZu Luxe Brow Pencil in Flax


Couleur Caramel Lip Gloss in #802


Couleur Caramel Eye Shadow in Coppered Brown #52 and Light Taupe Brown #5

Youngblood Eye Liner in Black



Image of Stefanie: Jonathan Alpeyrie
Makeup: Kristen Arnett