High Definition: Fall’s Boldest Statements

ColumnFall makeup trends are all about featuring one part of the face and letting the rest play supporting roles.

Leaves are changing colors all around us, which is a signal to start changing our own makeup too. Fall 2011 brings with it some rather bold statements where one feature gets center stage and the rest of the face acts quietly in the background.

I’ve picked out five of the most wearable makeup trends from the Fall 2011 runway collections that offer something fun for everyone.

Petal Pink Cheeks  (above)

The softest and most natural of this season’s trends is a rounded wash of pink blush on the cheeks.  In order to pull this off, you must make sure any areas of redness in the nose, forehead and chin are already properly concealed, or it could just look like you have a sunburn.  Once you have an even canvas use a big, fluffy brush to sweep on a petal pink shade over the apples of the cheeks rounding the edges towards the eye and a touch into the hollows of the cheekbones.

Mesmerizing Metallics

We women are usually hypnotized by anything sparkly, and thankfully fall 2011 doesn’t disappoint. Metallics are always in, but there was a definite reemergence of silver, which has typically been trumped by gold sparkles in many of the past seasons. Silver is a pretty harsh look for most people to pull off because of its cool grey undertones, so stick with this one for nighttime activities like parties and clubs.

Graphic Eyes

No new purchases necessary for this stand-alone statement.  All you need is thickening mascara, some black eyeliner and a steady hand and to create a heavy, angular stripe that marks this season’s graphic, yet simply elegant punctuation. Thickly coat both upper and lower lashes with black mascara and don’t bother separating them. The drama for this fall trend comes from their spikey look.

Bold Brows 

Bushy brows have been going strong for sometime now in fashion and over plucking is way out. So if you haven’t already, start letting those furry friends grow in. If you are in the growing back stages or naturally have sparse brows, this trend is still achievable with a bit of attention.

Choose a powder or pencil one shade lighter than your current hair color, but make sure to match the tone.  So if your hair is redder, find a color that has a touch of red in it to look as natural as possible. Using a pencil or a small angled brush with a dab of powder, fill in any “naked areas”; keeping the shape smooth and slightly squared at the front, tapering thinner towards the end. Always finish by blending with a brow brush so it doesn’t look too harsh.

Pucker Up Reds

Almost any color of red goes for fall 2011, from Bordeaux to cherry. Red is a statement in and of itself, so keep the rest of the face very neutral. Since I already wrote an article for EcoSalon called Red Lips For All, dedicated to choosing and using the right shade of red, I encourage you to revisit the information there and experiment with those suggestions as your guides.

Editor’s note: Got a celebrity look you’d like to copy or a trend you’d like to see incorporating healthy, non-toxic makeup? Send your questions to High Definition columnist Kristen Arnett at beauty@ecosalon.com

New York City based Kristen Arnett is an internationally renowned makeup artist and founder of the Green Beauty Team, styling high profile celebrities and runway models as well as a sought after beauty expert, educator and teacher for other makeup artists.