High Definition: A Temporary Breakup From Makeup

ColumnSometimes your skin needs a break from the weight of cosmetics.

Inevitably whenever we’ve asked EcoSalon readers what they most want to hear about in this column, someone pipes up with “how we don’t need to wear any.” Ok, ok, I get it. So while this column is focused on makeup, I admit, even though I’m using natural products on my face, I still give my skin breaks from makeup.

Fashion Week in New York is just ended, but it’s the beginning of a month long, intensive series of the most important fashion weeks in the world. Virtually the same group of models, makeup artists, hair stylists and backstage photographers travel to London, Milan and Paris over a grueling four weeks. Right now I’m in Milan recovering from an eight hour plane ride and a six hour time difference and I haven’t put a stitch of makeup on in 48 hours. It feels good.

You think models have a “model” life but by the time New York fashion week is over, they cringe and begin to complain about getting their makeup done and some even hide from us! Taking into consideration we makeup artists coat every part of their skin that is showing once they are dressed, you understand why.  Last year I worked on a model who complained that her eyelashes hurt from all the makeup that was constantly put on and taken off during fashion month.

This season is the spring/summer 2012 runway collections, which translates into a lot of skin showing and therefore a lot of body makeup. Maybe you don’t feel the need to wear full body makeup in your swimwear, but there is makeup for that and women do buy it and it’s not a far cry from needing to wear makeup in a variety of situations where it’s best left undone.

Places it’s actually better for your skin to be sans makeup:

The Gym

Sweat plus makeup equals pimples, clogged pores and possibly irritation. If you are trying to meet that special someone at the gym, remember most people say they prefer seeing a woman look natural. It’s not cute to see makeup start to slide off creating raccoon eyes or cracking the surface of foundation. If you are desperate for something, just use a little concealer under the eyes, a tinted lip balm and curl your lashes.

Long Airplane Rides

Pay close attention to the skin of older flight attendants. It’s almost always very dehydrated looking without a dewy glow.  That’s because being inside a plane for so long is very drying to the skin.  If you plan on sleeping, mascara is just bound to end up in places you didn’t want it and will just make you look worse than had you gone without it.

When traveling, opt for lots of moisturizer and bring some extra to keep reapplying during the flight. A natural skin mist (not toner) can help rehydrate the skin before putting on moisture.

Water Sports

Unless you are a synchronized swimmer, you really don’t need to be in heavy waterproof makeup while you frolic around in the water. Put on a safe sunblock and let your smile be your standout feature.

A Quick Supermarket Run

Getting to know yourself without makeup is important.  Being comfortable going to the grocery store with just a glowy, naked face can be liberating for some and terrifying for others.

If this sounds terrifying to you, I suggest spending less time looking in the mirror. When you do get in front of a mirror, don’t get close up and stare at whatever imperfections you see. Look at yourself square in the eyes and say, “I am beautiful.” If something inside of you starts to yell about that not being true, repeat the phrase for 5 minutes while looking right into your eyes. It’s a very powerful exercise so be ready for it – accepting our own beauty is often harder than most people realize.

Image: CNBC