Highlight Your Hair Naturally: 5 Kitchen Staples that Lighten Hair

golden hairYou don’t have to spend a load of cash, or leave your house for that matter, to get gorgeous highlights in your hair. In fact, salon highlights damage your hair and are quite the investment, given that you have to clean up your roots every few months. The following 5 ways to lighten hair naturally are all cheap and just a simple trip to the kitchen away.honey

1. Honey

This may cause a very sticky situation, but applying honey to your hair will effectively highlight it. Apply it to the hair and let it stand for about 2 hours before rinsing. Make sure you spend about 1 hour under the sun. Rinse.

2. Lemon

Lemon is one of the most popular natural hair lighteners. In a spray bottle, mix together ¼ cup fresh lemon juice and ¾ cup water. Spray the mixture onto hair and use your fingers to comb the mixture into hair strands. Your hair should be wet, but not dripping with the mixture. Leave on two hours, thirty minutes of which should be under the sun, before rinsing. This mixture may dry out thin or fine hair, so add a few squeezes of your favorite conditioner to the spray bottle, shake until evenly distributed and then spritz away.


3. Chamomile Tea

Prepare chamomile tea as if you were going to drink it. Allow it to cool before applying to hair that has just been shampooed, conditioned and rinsed. Spend about 1 hour under the sun with tea-soaked hair.

4. Olive Oil

Comb olive oil into your hair until all strands are covered. Spend about 1 hour under the sun. Your hair will lighten and it will also become increasingly moisturized.

5. Beer

Boozing under the sun now has a whole new meaning. Pour a few light beers into a bucket and lean over and dump hair into the beer. Head outside under the sun for about 1 hour. Rinse and wash.

Photo Credit: Vincent Boiteau, quatarlove Maegan