Hold Onto Your Seats: Getting Butt Augmentation Surgery is the Latest Trend in Ewwww!

Butt augmentations are on the rise.

Hey, ladies — stop saving your money to go on that killer vacation this summer. Instead, put that wad of cash aside to invest in a butt augmentation.

Recently, EcoSalon headquarters got an email from Dr. Gregory Wiener, a plastic surgeon, who is weighing in on the national butt augmentation trend. Luckily, Wiener isn’t universally pro-butt augmentation. In fact, he’s urging many people to not get the popular surgery. From a recent email:

“Dr. Wiener cautions that a bigger bottom might not work for you. ‘A good surgeon will take your body’s proportions into account. Not everyone has a body type that will look good with a big bottom, at least not one that is as exaggeratedly large as some of today’s celebs have.’”

This whole big butt trend is annoying for myriad reasons. First of which: It’s not trendy to have a big ass, people. Some people just have big asses. A butt isn’t an accessory – it is a body part. A second problem with this whole big butt craze is this: What are ya goin’ to do when it’s no longer cool to have a big butt? Get another surgery? Seriously… this all just sounds like a money suck. I’m no big butt expert by any means, but I do know that my ass has increased in size since I started doing squats. So, ladies – if you want a big ass (or what I call runner’s ass) just take the stairs.

Now, all kidding and fake big butt bashing aside: I realize some people love plastic surgery. I’m not down on that – buy whatever you want. But please, please, don’t buy bigger breasts or a butt to be trendy – do it because you want to.

What do you think about this whole butt augmentation thing? Do you think this is a troublesome trend that just harms a woman’s body image? Or do you think the trend is no worse than any other beauty trend?

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