Rock This Look

When it comes to home decor, pebbles rock.

Pebbles are a subtle way to decorate and bring calm to a home filled with mostly unnatural things. Luckilyy for you, peace is just a stone’s throw away.

This marvelous floor mat by Stonemat in New Zealand serves up some serious Zen. As an added sustainability bonus, the government allows the harvesting of the pebbles as long as they are collected manually with no machines involved.

Lounge around on these pebble shaped cushions by Iglooplay. Upholstered in a 100% wool slipcover over a bamboo/poly fill and encased in an all-cotton liner, their sculptural shapes make for fun accents to any home, plus no bones will be broken when throwing these around.

Surprise your guests by setting your table with smooth stone placemats from VivaTerra that will compliment any dishware.

Pebble flooring creates a spa look when used for bathroom flooring.  It feels good on your feet, is affordable and easy to clean.

These soft cushions look so much like real stones, they might fool you. Inspired by nature, socially conscious textile designer Ronel Jordaan uses felt to create them. She has set up a shop in Gauteng, Johannesburg where her personally trained artisans work. You can sit or lean on them for extra seating. They are both beautiful and functional.