Honeydumplings Newborn Gift Set Welcomes Baby in Organic Style


Statistically speaking, most babies are born in August (must be all those mistletoes during the holiday season), so why not gear up with the perfect newborn gift set for the sweet bundle of joy who’s due in your family or social circle? Honeydumplings offers luxurious and natural baby products that are as gentle on babies as they are on the earth. Their softness and understated creamy hues encourage tranquility and relaxation, and the Honeydumplings belief is that “less is more and that simple need not be boring.” Read on to learn about Honeydumplings brand new newborn gift set, which comes in a gender-neutral, natural vanilla color and is heirloom quality so it may be enjoyed for generations.


The Honeydumplings newborn gift set includes a padded bamboo baby hat and a “honey” organic security blanket. The hat is different from typical baby hats because it is gently padded with a 100 percent recycled luxury fibrefill removable pillow insert. Designed to cushion baby’s delicate head and to keep baby’s developing skull away from pressure, the chemical and dye free bamboo jersey material which comprises this hat also wicks away moisture to keep baby’s head comfortable and dry.

The second component of the gift set, the “honey” organic security blanket, measures 15″ x 15″, and is perfectly sized for tiny hands to grasp and cuddle. Made of organic cotton sherpa with a bamboo backing, it is unbleached and there aren’t any dyes or chemicals used or applied in finishing.

The Honeydumplings hat and blanket newborn gift set comes packaged in a recycled gift box, making it a truly chic and planet-friendly offering for new parents and babes.

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