How to: 10 Tips for a Successful Clothing Swap

clothing-swapIt’s the perfect summer gathering for the stylish greenie in all of us – the clothing swap. Most of us have more stuff in our closets than we need (or want).

A successful swap keeps our wardrobes simple, timely and up-to-date. It’s a chance to gather with friends, put those great pieces you’ll never wear to good use and pick up “new” duds for free.

Here are a few tips for throwing your very own successful clothing swap:

twig-1Send email invites and ask everyone to go through their closets, pulling out anything and everything they no longer wear, like or want.

twig-1Include men’s clothing if possible, and shop for significant others and relatives. It’s never too early to prepare for an upcoming birthday or holiday.

twig-1Make it a gourmet potluck, too. Ask the guests to bring organic fruit (in-season), fine cheese, fair trade dark chocolate and organic wine.

twig-1You might want to subtly (or not) suggest application of a clear antiperspirant prior to attending. There’s nothing worse than a gorgeous dress with white deodorant marks.

twig-1Display everything on tables, hang it on racks and in manageable piles on a clean, traffic-free patch of floor.

twig-1Check that you have a variety of sizes available so everyone can “play” and no one feels left out. One size definitely does not fit all.

twig-1Create a semi-private dressing area. Use a bamboo screen or even a sheet to secure an area for trying on and off.

twig-1Make sure there are plenty of mirrors for oohing and ahhing. Have fun playing dress-up with a group of women telling you “Wow, that looks so good on you!”

twig-1Rules are key to a well-run swap. Draw numbers to decide who picks first, and so on. And once a piece is tried on and chosen, it’s off-limits.

twig-1At the end of the party, put all the unclaimed clothes in bags and donate the leftover stash to a local thrift store or women’s shelter.

The clothing swap isn’t for summertime only. Start off every fashion season with an eco-friendly wardrobe exchange!

Images: Idhren, and Nancy says