How to Save the World in One Step


Have you ever stopped to wonder what the biggest problem facing the world is? Climate change? Political warfare? Finding parking during the holidays? Ugh, take your pick, right? Those are the branches of the tree, but what’s the root of them all?

According to John Marshall Roberts, it’s empathy. Empathy? Yes, in a world with deeply embedded cynicism, our lack of understanding others, or feeling understood, leads people, communities, companies, and governments to dig in our heels, or just give up that a different reality is possible.

In doing this, progress on the big issues of the world gets slowed, and on a personal level, interactions with our family, friends and coworkers are needlessly harder than they could be.

I’d encourage you to take a little break from the holiday hubbub and watch the video below that will make you laugh, think, and give a boost of inspiration. And if you want to take further action, go have a look at the Igniting Inspiration course, giving frameworks and action for you to take to help make the world around you a better, more enjoyable place.

Readers: Whether you’ve watched the video or not, what are your thoughts on the value of empathy, and what we can all do to improve the world around us?

Editor’s Note: This is a guest post by Paul Smith from GreenSmith Consulting. Paul did not reach out to us requesting that we share this video of his client, we were just truly inspired and asked him if we could share it with our readers. I hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!