How To Wear It: White on White

It’s crisp, fresh and perfect for summer. Here are tips for pulling off the all-white trend.

There was an abundance of white on the spring 2012 collection runways. It shouldn’t surprise us – nothing says summer more than crisp, fresh white. It’s a great trend with infinite possibilities, and is best worn top to toe – monochrome style. If you know how to pull it off, the only thing you have to fear is colored liquids.

Take inspiration from this runway look by Celine but bring it down to an everyday casual level. If you’re going to wear white pants, denim is the safest way to go. The fabric is thick enough so that you don’t see what you’re wearing underneath, and it also hides flaws (hello, cellulite) that lighter fabrics may enhance. Roll ’em up to ankle-length, pair with a loose-fitting, minimalist top made from 100% cupro and discreetly patterned vegan wedge sandals.

Carpenter Jean in White by Prairie Underground, $175, Juno & Jove / Sydney Top, $105, EcoSkin / Bounty Ankle-Strap Wedge, $150, Cri de Coeur

Mixing different hues of white is a great way to create a bit more layered texture and keep from looking too monochrome. This look by Chloe hits on many of spring’s biggest trends — mixed shades of white, wide-leg pants and wearing a collared shirt underneath a knit sweater. Copy it with an organic knit sweater and organic cotton pants by German eco-label Hessnatur, and a crisp white shirt by Kami Organic. Roll up the sweater sleeves so that the white shirt peeks out underneath.

Organic Cotton Sweater, $98, Hessnatur / Organic Cotton Pants, $98, Hessnatur / White Shirt, Approx. $230, Place des Tendences

White doesn’t have to be dressed-up, it can be low-key and casual. Taking inspiration from the runway doesn’t have to be literal either. This look by Sportmax is all about layering, length and volume. Start with a long, flowy organic cotton dress by Loup Charmant, add a cardigan from Stewart + Brown and a recycled polyester anorak from Organic by John Patrick for a nice layered effect that is elegant without being too fancy.

Organic by John Patrick Anorak Coat, $365, Juno & Jove / Lapel Cardigan by Stewart + Brown, $185, Juno & Jove / Swallowtail Cover Up, $150, Loup Charmant

Get inspired by Alexander Wang’s all-white runway look and be the epitome of casual cool in a perfectly slouchy shirt by Yana K. and pair of Organic cotton shorts by Eairth. White shorts look insanely good against tan summer legs. Dress them up with a Native American-inspired beaded belt and high heels. One last word of advice when it comes to wearing white: invest in good nude-colored underwear.

Itweg Nomad Shorts by Eairth, $115.00, Juno & Jove / Girlfriend Blouse by Yana K., On sale for $84.95, Future:Standard

Johanna Björk

Johanna is a sustainable fashion writer currently based in Ojai, CA. Read her weekly On Trend column to learn what's new in eco fashion.