How to Harvest the Rain


Every eco gal supports water conservation tactics, but the unsightly appearance of your average rainwater harvesting system has been due for an overhaul. There are plenty of slick options these days that look great in the backyard.

You already probably accent your yard with decorative clay pots, so the Agua rain barrel will fit right in. A built-in planter makes this 50 gallon vessel, specifically designed to resemble terracotta, even more discreet.

With nine colors to choose from, the clean, simple Nino rain barrel will blend nicely into your garden with brilliant buds blooming from the top.

Made from a recycled whiskey barrel, the Real Oak rain barrel is ideal for those who prefer a more rustic outdoor appeal. Personally, this is my favorite, but however you choose to harvest rainwater, the important thing is not to let this opportunity go down the drain! 😉


Top image: John Morgan