How to Make Your Own Organic Perfume


If you’ve combed the selection of perfumes lining the sparkling counters at Macy’s or Nordstrom and have yet to find “your” scent, why not make your own instead? Making your own perfume is easy, and this way, you can create a fragrance that is unique to your personality – and organic. Before you set out on your hunt for essential oils, let’s explore the meaning behind popular aromas to determine your perfect match.

PhotobucketThe bright and fresh fragrance of sandalwood signifies spiritual harmony, perfect for aligning those chakras to achieve the blissful state of nirvana.

PhotobucketIf you seek invigoration, citrus aromas like lemon, orange and lime awaken your senses and energize your spirit.

PhotobucketTo evoke a serene presence, both rose and chamomile are known for their soothing effects.

PhotobucketThe floral scent of lavender denotes well-being and is a fabulous aroma therapeutic way to eliminate stress.

PhotobucketFor nights out on the town, sensual aromas like jasmine and vanilla are exotic and intoxicating.

These aromas are just a sample of what the diverse fragrance wheel has to offer, and you can find a vast assortment of organic essential oils at Mountain Rose Herbs, Florapathics and Young Living. Once you’ve chosen the right fragrance for you, all you need is some organic vodka and a pretty glass storage jar to formulate your very own essential oil perfume. Concoct a mixture of approximately 85% vodka and 15% oil, cover the jar and let it stand for several days.

Don’t hesitate to combine different scents in your effort to compose an original fragrance; trial and error is half of the fun. Next, pour in a tablespoon of filtered water for each ounce of vodka, stir, allow this formula to sit for a few more days and, voila! You have natural, DIY, personalized perfume that sure beats the expensive designer alternatives.

Image: tanakawho