Hub for Social Innovation: Re-Shaping Community and the Way We Work

The Hub: Promoting Social Innovation and Value Exchange

Looking to connect and shape your community? Wondering how to create new social systems? Searching for like-minded, environmentally concerned citizens?

Look no further. I’ve found the place you’re looking for: The Hub.

The Hub is an international organization with a new platform for innovation and exchange. They aim to combine social and environmental concerns with economic viability. For the Hub, a thriving system produces thriving individuals. They seek exposure, connection and collaboration amongst their community members to create new value systems with an entrepreneurial spirit.

The platform provides ample opportunities for networking through physical spaces, events, workshops and an online community. The physical environment includes offices, communal workspaces, meeting rooms, and project spaces located in numerous cities across the globe. They also offer an online database for connecting individuals and organizations with a focus on social and environmental change.

I spent an afternoon working in their San Francisco communal office space, and the place was exactly that – a hub, humming with activity and innovative energy.

Expanding its efforts to promote idea exchange The Hub Bay Area leads by example, teaming up with non-profit and for-profits alike, including Intersection for the Arts, Tech Shop, and Forest City.

Looking for inspiration? Head to the Hub, pronto.