Hybrids for Hire


You separate aluminum, glass and plastic. You bring your own bags to the market and you use non-toxic cleaning products in your home. Recycling has become as much a part of your life as checking your email and going to the gym. Maybe there isn’t a hybrid parked in your garage, but you’re all about a hybrid rental when the need arises!

EcoNation is a Los Angeles-based transportation company that uses only low emission vehicles. They offer exceptional service and amenities, including wireless internet and refreshments. Clients range from the corporate gal to the VIP traveler.

The nitty gritty:

Rates vary depending on the type of vehicle – for a Prius, Hybrid SUV or alternative fuel sedan, they’ll need 24-hour notice to meet your needs. A trip from LAX to downtown Los Angeles in a Town Car will set you back $82. I’ve already calculated my next trip in a Prius from the airport to my home near Malibu – $67. If you live in the LA area call EcoNation at 877-326-6286 to request a quote. But you don’t have to live in the Southland to green-cab it.

Here’s a list of similar companies that serve other cities across the US:

Eco-Limo: LA, SF or DC / 7 types of vehicles to choose from / 888-432-6546
Green Car Limo – SF Bay Area, Monterey & Pebble Beach / 650-593-6323
LimoGreen – NYC / JFK to Manhattan at $90 / 888-546-0476

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