Hysterical Algebra & Glossy Musings

The 365 days of 2010 are seeping through the hourglass and fading into the past. The last week of the year is universally begging for comic relief. The knitted sweaters laced with holiday propaganda, stale fruit cakes, and handfuls of extra pounds nestling in from the excess of sugar cookies and eggnog are just yearning for a laugh. Multiple laughs.

Lucky for us, Craig Damrauer offers up a dose of hilarity in the form of simple mathematical equations arranged with wit on a pale blue background. According to Mr. Damrauer’s 20 x 200 Profile, he was raised by a pack of wild scientists – which, combined with social sentiment, probably gives him ample ammunition to build his equations of sums and quotients.

Giggle your way through heaps of Craig Demrauer’s New Math (I took the liberty of cropping wildly for the sake of sharing maximum amounts of Craig’s creative comedy, so be sure to peruse the collection in the original sublime composition). You can also catch a dose of Mr. Demrauer’s mathematics on The New York Times Freakonomics.

If no amount of math can induce a smile, soak in the comedy of Molly Erdman’s Catalog Living. How can you not love a woman who finds satirical stories laced in the (ridiculous) styling of product photography shots in glossy catalogs? Here’s a taste of Molly’s bits of wisdom and quips of farce to tickle your sense of humor.

We just left Eva in her crib with some twigs, and look what she came up with! We have to admit though, we’re a little disappointed it’s in French.

Gary decided to officially test Elaine’s claim that the couch was just a hop, skip, and a jump to the kitchen.

Gary Regretted telling Elaine last night’s lobster could have been fresher, but he had to admire her creativity in this most recent display of passive aggression.

And there you have it; mathematics and musings to help you laugh your way out of 2010.

Go ahead. Laugh with reckless abandon. Chuckle loudly. Snicker with glee and laugh audibly.