I Want My Green TV


This week on eco-friendly television, Leonardo DiCaprio took us to Greensburg, KS, the first sustainable city, and Jon Stewart had a few words to say about Senator Lindsey Graham (mostly “waa”). Once again prompting us to cry out “I Want My Green TV!”

Can Greensburg Sustain Sustainability?

Out of the ashes of unthinkable tragedy rises an eco-phoenix, as the third season of “Greensburg: A Final Look” premiered on Planet Green.

In 2006, Hollywood’s green poster boy Leonardo DiCaprio had an idea for a TV series. He wanted to build an entire sustainable town and film the process as a reality show. But he couldn’t find the location.

A year later, nature intervened when Greensburg (no we didn’t make that up), was 95 percent destroyed by an F5 tornado. The community came together to rebuild, and they vowed to go green. Leo brought in camera crews to document the historic story of revitalization and perseverance.

As the third season kicked off, the green municipality was revealed – yes, progress has come to Greensburg. The Wind Farm is moving forward (ten turbines that will power the whole city and then some), the geo-thermal heated state-of-the-art school is under construction, and there’s even a uber-metropolitan fancy coffee shop for all the local’s mocha cappuccino needs. But one critical question is yet to be answered. Will there be enough jobs to sustain the sustainable town?

Maybe Leo should have built a green movie studio to put all the residents to work.

Jon Stewart Has One Word for Lindsey Graham: “Waa”

Leave it to Jon Stewart to call it like he sees it and school a U.S. Senator on his childish behavior.

It all started last November when Republican Senator Lindsey Graham, Democrat John Kerry, and Independent Democrat Joe Lieberman teamed up for the greatest tripartisan environmental effort in history. Their goal, a compromise climate and energy bill, was almost ready to be handed over to the Environmental Protection Agency for review. But when Democrats shifted their attention to the heated topic of immigration, Graham walked away threatening to vote against the bill.

And with that, the momentum surrounding the energy bill disappeared faster than the polar ice caps.

Enter Jon Stewart who thought Graham’s maneuvering felt like a disappointed child taking his toys and going home. When EPA Administrator Lisa P. Jackson stopped by The Daily Show, the host got right to the heart of the matter saying, “Do you feel that Senator Graham is a big fat baby? And would you like to say to him right now, “˜Waa. Waa. Waa. Waa, Lindsey Graham?'”

Jackson sidestepped the joke with a more adult suggestion – remind him how important his contribution is to the bill’s success. But Stewart had a another creative idea, “Have you thought about candy or a pacifier for Senator Graham?”

Graham probably won’t be stopping by “The Daily Show” anytime soon.

Tune in next time to see what’s cropping up on green TV.

Image: Wesley Fryer