I Want My Green TV: Outwit, Outplay, Recycle


It was recycling week on television. Niecy Nash partook in some yard sale decorating madness on “Clean House” while “Survivor” recycled its cast and challenges leading up to a shocking finale. This is what was making us say “I Want My Green TV!”

Survivor: Outwit, Outplay, Recycle

We had all but given up on “Survivor” a couple of years back. The outplaying, outwitting, and outlasting was just getting a bit redundant. But uber producer Mark Burnett pulled the show out of the ashes. First he cast the dastardly Russell Hantz, who plays a super sneaky, no holds barred game. Then he recycled the series greatest cast members and most entertaining challenges.

On “Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains” Burnett topped last season’s Russell fueled shenanigans with another all-star extravaganza. And with that, the series delivered its finest effort since Richard Hatch dominated the island all those years ago. The best and the baddest united in a strategy-on-steroids version of the competition show. From Rupert – arguably the most beloved player in history – to Boston Rob – “Survivor’s” smartest player until Russell came along.

But the contestants weren’t the only thing to be recycled this season. All of the reward and immunity challenges which had been used in previous years made a comeback as well. So all the pieces of those giant mazes, majestic towers, and obstacle course net-bridges were reconstructed from set pieces used before. The show saved the environment from a lot of potential waste and hooked nostalgic fans with some of the most death defying feats of strength and balance from show’s gone by. That’s a pretty eco-friendly move for a big show like this.

Now we’re thinking they should build a “Survivor” theme park so all that lumber doesn’t go to waste.

Niecy Nash Cleans House by Recycling

Niecy Nash has been hosting Style network’s “Clean House” long before she ever tripped the light fantastic on “Dancing with the Stars.” Though the show does not claim to be a green series, the whole premise revolves around recycling clutter to raise money to decorate.

Niecy and her team of designers show up at the homes of people who are in desperate need of clearing out and cleaning up. And although she doesn’t wear her bejeweled samba dresses, she does bring her dazzling smile and cheery disposition to often nasty circumstances.

This week’s episode featured the Moleskys, a family of ten addicted to yard sales. So what’s the harm there? Their entire house is stacked floor to ceiling with tchotchkes, collectibles, and just plain junk purchased from someone else’s cast offs. Clearly they have the “reuse” part of “reduce, reuse, recycle” down. Now they need to get better about the “reduce and recycle” part.

Enter Niecy Nash. She helped the family clear out the clutter, saving only some select items (no they would not part with the lodge themed gems like the taxidermy bear) that would fit with the final project. As for the rest, they didn’t just dump it in a landfill, they held a yard sale of their own. What didn’t sell was donated to charity.

At the end of the day Niecy and the family raised almost $7,000 for redecorating their home. They did buy some necessary new items, but combined them with some old favorites.

Only time will tell if Niecy convinced them to kick the yard sale habit and reduce their clutter for good.

Tune in next time to see what’s cropping up on green TV.

Image: Wikimedia Commons