I Want My Green TV: The Biggest Loser Bans Bottled Water


A movie star has a solution to the BP Oil Spill crisis and “The Biggest Loser” helps reduce more than pounds. This is what’s making us say “I Want My Green TV!”

Kevin Costner Makes Penance for “Waterworld”

Anyone who was watching the news in New Orleans last week might have been shocked to see an unlikely celeb throw his hat in the ring to help clean up the BP oil spill mess.

Especially since said movie star, Kevin Costner, was responsible for one of the last greatest atrocities committed against the oceans – “Waterworld.” Perhaps as penance for the mega-flop, Costner stepped forward on WGNO news with a possible solution to the environment’s greatest problem.

Costner is a partner in a company called Ocean Therapy Solutions. They have a technology that separates water and oil through centrifugal force – sounds like the stuff of sci-fi movies, no?

This seems like a better plan than using golf balls. But if the brain trust at BP does decide to go that way, let’s not forget that Costner has some experience in that field, too. His character in Tin Cup was known for shanking balls into water traps.

Stay tuned to your local news and you might just see another impromptu Costner press conference in the next few days. BP is going to be running tests with the OTS system sometime this week.

“The Biggest Loser” Reduces More than Weight

On this week’s “Biggest Loser” Bob Harper and Jillian Michaels took a moment to tell the viewers about another way they help reduce on the ranch. In an interstitial sponsored by Brita, the two uber-trainers explain that for the past four seasons “The Biggest Loser” has partnered with the water company to save more than just lives.

They are helping to save the environment, too. Their FilterForGood program encourages the cast, crew, and viewers to stop using bottled water, a major source of pollution in our landfills – and even worse, our lakes and oceans.

They stated that the campaign has saved over 128,000 bottles on the ranch alone. And the website estimates saving over 194 million bottles through the viewers at home who have taken the FilterForGood Pledge.

Okay, here’s the commercial part. Just buy a Brita water pitcher and a FilterForGood water bottle. Then you can filter your own water and drink out of your own washable bottle. Voila. No more plastic in the landfills.

And if you log on to the website now, you can also enter to win a week on “The Biggest Loser” Resort at Fitness Ridge courtesy of Brita.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, “Biggest Loser” trainers Bob and Jillian also always remind viewers that drinking water does help you lose weight because it fills you up when you feel hungry and keeps you hydrated which helps you burn fat. Double win.

Tune in next time to see what’s cropping up on green TV.

Image: Courtesy of NBC.com