If This Wood Could Tell Us Its Story, It Would


It sounds like an oxymoron – Urban Hardwoods, as in city and trees, but it’s actually right on target and accurately describes the Seattle-based company that salvages fallen trees and turns the wood into fabulous furniture.

Not a newbie to the field of green, Urban Hardwoods has been rescuing wood in the Northwest close to their headquarters for more than 10 years. Their wood repertoire includes Douglas Fir, California Redwood, Pacific Madrone and Alaska Yellow Cedar.


And if wood could tell us a story about the good ol’ days, like my Grandpa always could, I’m certain that it would.

Aged wood is higher in quality and shows more character than young wood, making for organic, sexy details. Take a look at the headboard (shown at top), made from California Redwood found in Bow-Edison, Washington. Breathtaking. They also make beautiful dining, coffee (above), console and side tables, desks, benches and even a room divider.

Everything from the milling and sawing to drying and construction happens at the Urban Hardwoods’ Seattle factory. In March, the company opened its second retail showroom, this one in San Francisco’s downtown design district.

Check the website for inventory, pricing and information on the Seattle and San Francisco retail stores.