In Response to the California Drought, Many Paint Their Lawns Green

brown lawn photo

The California drought is in its third year and it’s quickly becoming the worst drought on record. At the beginning of this month the state put tight water restrictions into effect. Watering lawns was frowned upon a few months ago but today intense fines make it out of the question.

For some California residents taking shorter showers and skipping the car wash are one thing, but having to look out to a crisp brown lawn has become all too depressing. As a result of the California drought, many have decided to paint their lawns a bright emerald green using a supposedly nontoxic, specially formulated green paint. It’s a good substitute for overwatering your lawn which can result in a $500 a day fine.

“It became a real eyesore, and we live in an area where everyone keeps their yard really nice,” said San Bernardino resident Jay Torres on National Journal. “I heard about a service where people paint your lawn so it looks like the real thing and thought, why not? ”

Torres couldn’t believe his glimmering green lawn.

“We’ve had lots of people stop over and say it looks good,” Torres said. “It’s this really bright, popping green.” Some of the neighbors have even said they’re thinking of dyeing their grass green to match.

It’s become more and more popular for landscapers and real estate agents looking for some curb appeal. It lasts 3-6 months and once dried, the color doesn’t run.

It’s so popular in fact that Xtreme Green Grass, a company that claims to be the number one lawn painter in Northern California, has seen its profits surge 60 percent of late. I guess it’s this or turf. With California drought conditions like this, natural green grass seems a long way off.

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Image: Kevin Dooley