Do you ever find yourself sneezing when there’s incense in the air? Whether at home, at the yoga studio or at a friend’s house, irritating incense defeats the purpose. This dilemma bothered me until I discovered Shoyeido incense, made by a centuries-old Japanese company using natural ingredients.

The hand-crafted scents of Shoyeido are delicate and refined instead of overpowering, with none of the synthetic fragrances or toxins sometimes found in cheaply made incense (that’s what makes some of us sneeze). This family-owned company uses recycled paper, soy-based inks, ecologically-harvested ingredients and energy-efficient practices to make subtle and uplifting fragrance sticks.

For a lovely small gift, try the Peace & Inspiration or Joy & Love Gift Set at $16.95 each, with bundles of incense and porcelain holder in a Japanese paper-covered box.

And breathe!

Image: Shoyeido