Indoor Eruption: The Terra Plant Pot

Terra Plant Pot sends its tree shooting upwards out of a textured rubber volcano.

The natural look is perfected in this earthy cone-shaped planter, which has a tree growing from its apex, with all the messy stuff hidden away under a textured cover.

Made by a 200-year-old Italian, family-run design company called Serralunga, (which still has its own factory in Italy and uses mostly recyclable polypropylene), the Terra Plant Pot’s outside bits are made from reused inner tire tubes – a new material that is 92% recycled – with a steel shell inside. The roots and earth are tidily tucked away inside.

The exterior is textured to make it look like soil, hence the name. Inside out – metal covered with “earth.”

Photos: Serralunga


Fiona Flores Watson

Fiona Flores Watson covers Places & Spaces for EcoSalon and currently resides in Seville, Spain.